Classic Pool Dining Table - 6ft, 7ft. All Finishes

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Classic Pool Dining Table - 6ft, 7ft. All Finishes

The Classic Pool Dining Table is an English pool table using 2” red and yellow balls as standard, with a one piece slate bed, available in 6ft and 7ft sizes.

The Classic Pool Diner has been designed with a stylish slimline cabinet and a hinged top frame, which enables it to be installed into places where a standard table cannot. It has polished chrome corners, as you would find on a commercial table. Tournament quality cushion rubber giving excellent ball response. The table is fitted with your choice from the premium range of Club cloths from Hainsworth - Green, Blue, Red and Burgundy are free of charge. The range of Hainsworth Smart cloths, giving a choice of 23 different colours, are available for a minimal extra charge.

The Classic Pool Dining Table has a 3/4" Italian slate bed which provides the ultimate playing surface. The range of finishes available now enable you to choose a pool dining table which will complement your interior colour scheme. The table has the shallowest cabinet depth on the market, being only 5" deep. This allows 61cm between your floor and the bottom of the table, which is sufficient to comfortably fit a dining chair and occupant.

Despite its shallow body, the Classic has a ball return system, returning each ball once potted to a holding area at the end of the table. This is cunningly hidden when the table is used for dining, and then pulls out when playing pool.

The timeless design and supreme build quality make this an excellent choice of table. It is designed and built by British craftsmen, so you are assured of a beautiful table which will give you years of pleasure, whether it be for entertaining dinner guests or with a few friends for an evening's pool competition. You really do get the best of both worlds - tournament quality playability coupled with a stunning dining table.


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