Cannon Vista ¾ Jointed Cue (0268)

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Cannon Vista ¾ Jointed Cue (0268)

This 57” ¾ jointed cue is manufactured from sports grade Ash which is further selected to offer superb value for money.

The genuine Ebony butt is hand spliced to the ash shaft and a brass 'Cannon' joint is fitted 14” from the butt of the cue.

The butt is finished with a Cannon 'Vista' name disc and 'Cannon' butt end joint to accept the 6” mini butt supplied with this cue. For additional extension options please view the 'related products' section of this page.

This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 9.5 to 10mm nominal Blue Chrome Leather tip.

  • Cue Length: 57” (145cm)
  • Shaft Length: 43” (109cm)
  • Butt Length: 14” (36cm) - plus 1” (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
  • Tip: 9.5 to 10mm Blue Chrome Leather
  • Shaft: Selected Ash
  • Butt: Hand spliced Ebony butt
  • Butt Decoration: None
  • Joint: Brass, 'Cannon' joint 14” from butt end
  • Butt End Joint: Yes, 'Cannon' joint
  • Mini Butt: Yes, supplied with 6” mini butt


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