The New Amateur UK Pool Tour 2012

Wed 12th Oct 2011

Launched just over a week ago, the tour will be organised with support from previous committee members of the IPA and members of the EPA, who are involved with the new tour.

You can view the new UK Pool Tour website at:

The entry we expected from the amateur players has already started to filter through, which is well ahead of what we considered, and because of this we are able to make additional changes to make the competition even better.

  1. The Premier league which will start in 2012, a year earlier than planned, will feature the ex-professional level players who have returned to amateur status plus others from trials which will be held at Tour One. There will be a sponsor for the Premier league.
  2. Total prize monies have been increased to £ 115,000.
  3. None of the ex-professional level players in the Premier league will be entered into the Challenge event; this will enable even more prize monies to be won by the other players.
  4. There are some ex-professional level players already entered in the 2012 U.K. tour but we have now closed off this method of entry, no other top professionals will be allowed entry.
  5. The tour event will be an open draw, there will be no protective seeded places.
  6. Once the 128 target has been achieved, we will be closing the entry.
  7. On completion of the 2012 tour the top ranked players will be invited to play in the 2013 Premier league, plus some players who have achieved a top place in the Challenge event.
  8. The 2012 World Masters event in Blackpool, will be an amateur only event, with all players on the U.K. Tour having direct entry, without qualifiers, subject to payment of fee.
  9. U.K. tour Finance will be controlled by the E.P.A. national treasurer.
  10. U.K. tour will be a non-profit making organisation, any profits will go to develop the event.
  11. The 2012 U.K. tour will be one of the best amateur events ever held, with over £ 17,200 each tour to be played for by only 128 players, most of whom will be of equal playing status.
  12. Officials and staff, with many years’ experience will ensure the event is well organised. George Harwood has been appointed as Tournament Director.
  13. Supreme Tables with Strachan Fabric and Aramith Balls.

Look forward to meeting you in Blackpool, Feb. 2012 for the first ever event of the U.K. Tour.

On behalf of the board of the U.K.Tour.